Tips for maintaining your SEO & Google ranking - SEOwriterz!

Tips for maintaining your SEO & Google ranking - SEOwriterz!

If your Digital marketing website or portfolio doesn't have good SEO, it doesn't matter how beautiful it is. It doesn't matter how good it looks (Search Engine Optimisation). When search engines look at things like sitemaps and keywords, they don't think about how they look on the surface.

Need more than just the words to improve your SEO.

1. The names of the pages.

Web browsers and search results show the title tag. You should make your title tags as short as possible, because Google only shows 50 to 60 characters in their title tags. Keywords and the main subject of a page should be near the top of a web page.

2. Keywords for SEO

SEO is all about how you put keywords on your Digital marketing website. As a side note, though, you should know that if your site has a lot of keywords, it could be flagged as spam. A lot of people don't do this because search engine spiders don't like "keyword-stuffing."

3. ALT Tags

A way to describe your images and videos when they appear on your Digital marketing website can be added. These are called "alternative text descriptions," and they're used in technical terms (ATDs).

Google and other search engines can use keywords from a photo or a video description to find your site. Your Digital marketing website's ranking in search results will go up because it will be seen more.

4. sitemaps

All of your site's most important pages are listed and linked to in a "sitemap." This means that spiders and people will be able to see every page more quickly and without having to click very many times.

5. mobile site

Mobile-friendly Digital marketing websites will likely rank better in Google searches. If you make your site more fun for your visitors, Google will give you more points.

6. Don't Use Flash.

The reason Google doesn't like Flash sites is that you can't link to a specific page. A lot of people get better search engine rankings when they switch from a Flash-based site to one built on WordPress.

7. Make sure that your content is always up to date with good SEO.

Regularly updated content is a good way to tell if a site is important.

8. URL

Spiders will give you a better search engine page rank if you make URLs as easy to find as possible. Keeping the URLs simple and relevant to the page's topic and keywords, as well as making sure they help categorize the site's pages, is one way to do this.

9. Make Links That Are More Natural in SEO.

Google looks at how many high-quality, natural links pointing to your site to figure out where your site will show up in search results.

The reliability and usefulness of your Digital marketing website can be judged in part by how many other people have said they like it, or have used it.

10. Keep an eye on your SEO progress.

As long as you don't keep an eye on your search engine rankings, you won't know if your SEO work is working. In order to keep track of how your page is doing in the search results, you can use the tools from Google and Alexa.

When you check your referrer log, you can also learn more about what people search for when they come to your site.


SEO is a way to make your Digital marketing website more visible to people who use search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. The higher a website is in a search engine's results, the more people who come to it from search engines.



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