OnePlus 7T android 12 updates- 2022

OnePlus 7T android 12 update- thanks to OxygenOS 12 Open Beta 1

Even though Android 13 is almost ready to be released, some devices still await the version. For example, OnePlus gave Android 12 updates to its most recent devices top priority before putting most of its attention on its 2019 flagships.

As you might expect, this is a big step up for people who own the OnePlus 7/7 Pro and 7T/7T Pro.

OxygenOS 12 has a new look, and the first public beta has a frame rate stabilizer for inboxes, three levels of dark mode that you can change, and an improved Canvas AOD feature. This version includes Android 12's internal improvements and the changes made just for OnePlus.

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The complete list of changes is given below:


  • Smart Battery Engine is a new feature that uses smart algorithms and biomimetic self-repair technology to make your battery last longer.
  • Changes app icons by adding new parts to give them more depth, space, and substance.
  • Changes the layout of the page to make it easier to read and improves the way the text and colors look to make important information stand out.
  • Better textures on desktop icons that combine lighting and layers in a way that looks like new materials inspired it.
  • It added a rule to block MMS messages to improve the spam block rules.


  • Just added is the HyperBoost end-to-end frame rate stabilizer.
  • With the new voice effect preview, you can record your voice effect or listen to it in real-time.

Dark mode

  • The dark mode gives users a more personal and cozy experience with three settings that can be changed.


  • Cards now have more ways to look, which makes it easier to read the information on them and makes them look better.
  • You can search through your phone's Apps, Settings, Media Data, and other things thanks to a feature that was just added to OnePlus Scout in Shelf.

Work and Life Balance

  • All users now have access to the Work-Life Balance function, which makes it easy to switch between work and life modes with quick settings.
  • WLB 2.0 has been released, and it now has personalized profiles for app notifications and automatic switching between Work and Life modes based on locations, Wi-Fi networks, and times you choose.


  • Gallery now lets you switch between different layouts with a two-finger pinch. This is done by dynamically finding the highest-quality images and trimming the thumbnail based on what it shows.

Canvas AOD

  • Canvas AOD gives you new, different line and color options so that you can make your lock screen experience more personal with images that inspire you.
  • Just now, there are more brushes, strokes, and ways to change the colors.
  • They improved facial recognition and software tweaks to make it easier to tell who is by their features and skin tone.


  • Improved function categorization by putting them into vision, hearing, interactive actions, and general categories.
  • TalkBack also works with other system apps like Photos, Phone, Mail, and Calendar.
  • The release also has Android security updates for June 2022. The base build for the OnePlus seven series is H.20, while the first Open Beta for the OnePlus 7T family is F.12. Both are built on OxygenOS 12.1.


According to OnePlus, this is an early build made public to get feedback before it was put on the stable channel. Because of this, you shouldn't usually install beta software on the computer you use every day since it is likely to be less stable than standard builds. But before you start, make sure you backup your data.

The first OxygenOS 12 Open Beta release is only for the Indian versions of the OnePlus 7 and 7T devices. If your data plan is limited, keep in mind that the installation package for each phone is almost 4GB. OnePlus also says that your device's battery should have at least 30% left before you try the flash.

Even though updates to the Open Beta build shouldn't hurt your data, switching back to the stable channel will delete everything. Always make a full backup before switching back to the stable channel.


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