Hobby India shark tank season 2

Hobby India shark tank season 2 || 2023

Hobby India was a contestant on Season 2 of Shark Tank. The company offered unique and innovative hobby products.

During their appearance on the show, the founders pitched their business and asked for an investment of 50 Lakhs from the sharks in exchange for 2% equity in the company.

Vinita sing countered the 50 Lakh investment at 20% equity lately Amit joined at the same valuation, however, founders countered at 4% equity, therefore the deal was not closed! 

About Hobby India shark tank season 2 - 

The company nailed the art and craft products with 5000 SKU's which was astonishing for shark tank judges. The founder was expert in SEO and digital marketing and ranking on the top of the google pages therefore judges took interest in the founder who cracked SEO in just 1 year. 

Veenita Singh congratulated them for the same because it is hard for many startups to build inhouse digital marketing team. Founder of Hobby India said they have keep learning budget similar to travelling budget. 


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