Biotechnology engineering

Biotechnology engineering

Biotechnology engineering is study and research of microorganism, bio-organism, cell functions in living beings.

Biotechnology = biology + technology.

Biotechnology is the field of chemical engineering and applied biology that gives result in use of medicine, technology and make significant effect in living beings' life.

It is a very demanding career option as more than 50% of Indian student pursue every year.

Biotechnology engineers are in great demand as Indian medical industry will become 100 billion dollar by 2025 and one of the fastest growing sectors.

So, this industry has a lot of potential to grow, will help in career growth and provide vibrant jobs.

Career as biotechnology engineer

Biotechnology engineering jobs are available both in public sector and private sector.

Hence, biotechnology engineer can join national and international research institutes and can get job position of scientist, research assistant, research associates, technical assistant etc.

And engineers can get into food & pharmaceutical industry, vaccine manufacturing industry and dairy.

Even food and dairy industry has provided lot more opportunity for biotechnology engineers, so this again increases job opportunity for engineers.

There are many fields in biotechnology engineering job for research :

      - Medical Biotechnology

      - Plant Biotechnology

     - Environmental Biotechnology

     - Applied Microbiology

     - Bioinformatics

Best institute in India for biotechnology engineering

There are 294 colleges offering biotechnology engineering and annual fees ranges from 2 to 5 lakhs. Some top colleges are:

     - Indian Institutes of Technology, Delhi : IIT Delhi is number one college for biotechnology and 116+ available seat are there. Even though, eligibility for this institute is JEE mains and JEE advance. Fees for this course is total 8.47 lakh and job package will be around 15 LPA.

     - Indian Institutes of Technology, Kharagpur : IIT kharagpur is also offering this course and 115+ seats are available here. Eligibility for this institute is JEE mains and JEE advance. Fees for this course is total 8.32-9.15 lakh and job package will be of 15-16 LPA.

     - Manipal Institute of Technology : Manipal is also very good private college for biotechnology. There are 60+ seats available, fees for this course is 9.85-13.1 lakh total and job package will be of 6.22-7.56 LPA. Eligibility for this institute is Manipal Entrance Test (MET).

     - Chandigarh university : it is one of the leading private university for engineering. Therefore, fees for this institute is 5.31-7.08 lakh total and job placement package is 7 LPA. Eligibility criteria are by giving Chandigarh University Common Entrance Test (CUCET).


Biotechnology engineering is an emerging field and has a lot of potential to grow further. As this industry is going to become 100 billion dollar and India is emerging as vaccine supplier for world.

So, to fulfill all need there is going to be huge demand of biotechnologist, this is a great time to pursue this course make a good career.

Biotechnology engineering job will more be created and more and more research will be done for betterment of living beings.

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