Affordable places to travel around the world

Affordable places to travel around the world

How amazing are countries around the world? Where can you travel in 2022 to save money, stay longer, and enjoy a better standard of living?

Here are some places to save money on necessities like lodging, transportation, and food:

Explore India

If you're willing to haggle and search for bargains, India is one of the best afforable country in the world to visit. North of the border is where you'll have a hard time finding cheap gems. The south, with its stunning coastline, may hold more promise when it comes to low-cost lodging.

Travel to The Philippines

Traveling around the archipelago of the Philippines can be expensive and time-consuming. There aren't nearly as many hostels as in other Southeast Asian countries.

There are ways to keep your travel costs in the Philippines low. Even though these two factors may be a deal-breaker for budget travelers.

If you travel during the off-season, book your flights well in advance, and stick to one or two regions. The Philippines can still be a budget-friendly option.

The country also has some of the world's most beautiful islands, dive sites, and hidden treasures. These would cost a fortune elsewhere.

As a result, a trip to the Philippines is well worth every peso.

Travel to Nicaragua

Traveling to Nicaragua is one of the more affordable options in Central America, but that's not likely to last much longer. We all know what it means when a country is dubbed "the next Costa Rica."

As long as prices remain reasonable and interest levels remain high, now is the time to visit before the country becomes overrun by tourists and the costs skyrocket.


Colombia, a vibrant country with a sordid past, is quickly rising to the top of popular and affordable travel destinations list.

Those interested in history will enjoy exploring the museums and historical sites of Bogota, the Lost City, and the surrounding areas of Colombia. The Amazon awaits nature lovers. Colombia is also a mecca for scuba divers, thanks to the country's world-class dive sites and stunning coastline.

Traveling to a luxurious villa for a night or two can be done for a fraction of the price you'd pay elsewhere, and you won't find this kind of deal anywhere else in the world!

Travel to some parts of China

Even though China's major cities have expensive restaurants and hotels. Going off the beaten path can provide a more authentic experience for less money.

Take a look at places like Sichuan, Dali, and Guangxi, where you can get by on a shoestring budget while still having access to incredible experiences like barbecuing with the locals or exploring on a bicycle.

In a nutshell, some people may want to go scuba diving or skiing, typically more expensive, while others may prefer to walk around the city. Even more, Couchsurfing, hitchhiking, and skipping certain activities can help you. It can save even more money when you're on a tight budget.


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